FTNC-Mission-Graphic-emlWhy Spiritually Grounded Activism?

Spirit for me is not connected to a higher being or supernatural power.  Spirit is something intangible that we all have within us as part of our consciousness.  It is evident in our strength, our will, our fire, our courage. Spirit is also that intangible quality that connects us all to each other – hence, and injury to one is an injury to all.

For many years as an activist, I was fueled by anger, resentment, frustration, resentment, hatred, and ego.  This has led me many times to burnout, cynicism and contempt for others and myself.  Spiritual grounding has helped me find balance and allowed me to fuel my work with fierce compassion and with a view of the bigger picture and the long term. It has taught me to breathe through conflict, listen mindfully and to take action in a way consistent with my values.  All these abilities will sustain me and keep me emotionally and mentally healthy for what is sure to be a long struggle.

Throughout history, we have seen that successful movements to overturn power and oppression almost always end up replicating the oppression they meant to overturn. I believe the only hope for avoiding this pitfall is to ground our movement in true conviction to the values that we fight for: Justice, Compassion, Equity, Love. Martin Luther King, Jr. called for, “A revolution in values.” Whatever successes we achieve will only be temporary unless we revolutionize the value system we exist within. That revolution begins within each of us.

Michael Mufson
-Member, Forward Together North County-